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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
24 March 2010 @ 10:44 pm
had a bit of a jrock drought, really couldnt find i liked that was new....till Tanatos came out and wow

i am simply amazed, 9Goats really stepped it up and thats saying alot, it reminds me a bit of DIM, but i love this soo much more, its amazing pure genius, from the beginning its amazing, am gonna listen to it more and more haha its addicting

on a side note, i got a haircut and im trying to pull off a ruki look, will post pics soon, need your guys opinion on it XD


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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
10 March 2010 @ 11:32 pm

best game i ever played thus far, its frickin amazing

already on disc 2, but if feels like i did nothing haha i love that feeling

anyways hows everyone doing?
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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
25 January 2010 @ 10:43 pm
Hey all,

hows it been with u all? The new year came and went so fast, forgot to post something here lol. Hope you all are doing well. Im doing great, had alot of changes in my life that improved it so much better, hope all is well for u all and look to hearing and posting comments in ur journals, got school tomorrow so time for me to sleep, peace!
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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
hey all how u been?

Ive been good and so yeah got a little free time and today in school was japan day so i worked on my hair today using gatsby loose shuffle, still trying to perfect it and i was in a hurry so it didnt turn out as expected, my hair is also getting longer and im gonna dye and layer it soon so i wanted some suggestions from anyone on how to do it. My style here is influenced from satoshi and hazuki from when they have the hair in the front half of the head straight and in the back its curly wavy.

lol sorry for dirty mirror just noticed it and i guess i have some cleaning to do ><

and my dirt i mean the white spots on my mirror

lol i messed my bangs up here but yeah need suggestions on what to do with them

a bigger ex. as to show u how bad i need to clean my mirror lol

so i decide to switch to better bathroom

lol now that i look at it, its pretty messy but yeah any suggestions?

man i hate how a piece of my hair is out of place ><

Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
12 October 2009 @ 09:53 pm
life is never easy

and it never makes things easy

especially balancing work, school and band

yeah i finally got my job back, which means im gonna be really busy again, rarely time for msn, lj, aim, facebook.

really sucks but i got new goals and priorities now and so i have to sacrifice some things, even though i wish i didnt have to

doesnt mean im going to be completely cut off, just means that im not going to be as free and so cant keep up with you all, even though every single one of u is very important to me, shoot cant even keep up with my family now XD

but yeah, hopefully will try to balance things out

ja ne
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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
12 October 2009 @ 10:01 am

....I watched paranormal activity last friday and i have to say oanflkjsadfsadfsa


yeah really it scared me beyond belief, it was funny and scary. And i mean SCARY

so scary, that where we were sitting, there were these 20+ year old girls sitting behind us and watching, and as the movie progressed, they started to cry and say "I CANT TAKE THIS ANYMORE *sob sob*"

lol anyways if ur in the US, i highly consider u watch it cus its amazing XD..however if u get scared easily and it sticks with u, then dont

this movie can literally mess u up
Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
07 October 2009 @ 09:47 pm
finally finally finally

 I beat my record and ate 3 subway foot long sandwiches, took alot out of me but i did, now time to knock out from some food coma

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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
05 October 2009 @ 12:15 am
Not that many pics this time, its mostly pics of the street thats next to my house and where i walk my dog, i like to call it the magnificent mile, even though its only like 1/4 of one.

this is what i call magnificent mile

some views of the lake in my backyard

a place where a friend and me use to sit and talk

never seen this flower before, but it looks nice XD

those leaves are red, means fall is here XD

lol my dog hates water

my blue house ^^

one of the many flowers in our front garden

alright thats all this time, i think i take too many photos, ill cut it shorter next time XD

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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
08 September 2009 @ 07:03 pm
photoblogging is really fuuunn!!!, *coughs* hmm ok so a lot more than last time, maybe this one might be the most ill post at once, but yeah lets get to it XD

somehow this seems like a comfortable way for her to lie down, lol i really dont know how but she reminds me of a chicken by the way she is lying down

lmfao happened to catch this one by surprise, lol so weird the way she sleeps hahaha

lol i tend to do this to her alot, her cheeky face XP

she apparently loves to lie down on grass

she bites as well XD

her tickle spot XD

what i like to call her attack stance!

just relaxing

my japanese book and the notebook i use to take notes

lol basic hiragana practice, text coming soon wish me luck!

lol meesssyyy bed!!!

ahh my old comp and desk, never use it anymore except for show and to hold my things

backpacks and shoes all over the place!

the ultimate work station XO!!!!!!!

lol my dog retaliating against my bothersome behavior towards her, haha i dont mind it tho ^^

this is a shot of our lake from my room, looks amazing all 4 seasons

 a couple of our trees in the backyard, really tall trees!

a shot of the back of my house, my room is the farthest left window

a closer look at the lake, its huge!! and there are fish and turtles to catch, turtles are a bit hard suprisingly, only cause they dont fall for the bait, therefore u have to catch them by hand and they bite soo hard *_*

this is the front walkway to my house at night with flash so its kinda hard to see things

front of my house at night with flash, haha look there is a ghost in the garden!

i made this pic a little bigger so u can see how the garden looks like at night w/o flash, i think it looks cool

same as the description above, XD

my hair is starting grow back and my curls are coming back as well XD

lol i accidentally pressed the button to take the pic, caught in the moment pic, lol i look puzzled (still trying to figure out my cam)

here i was trying to figure out how to take out the flash, instead i pressed the button again XP

idk what i was looking at here, maybe the screen of the cam

i started working out again and took nyappytama's health advice, im starting to get back into shape just gotta stick with it from now on

man sorry guys that was alot of pics but i promise u that next time wont be so many overwhelming pics

till next time


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Alvin -[ZeRØ]-
06 September 2009 @ 01:56 pm
yoo i finally got a camera, its a pretty nice one too, so i guess from now on im gonna be posting random pics around my house and community, maybe start a photo blog here as well


this is my dog april, haha i guess i forgot to tell u guys we got a dog in april 09 lol, boy do these blow past my mind XD

haha funny pic of her sleeping

uhh thats about it for now, more pics to come soon!